"They took us from #92 to #5 in a little under three months. Now that's what I call performance!

-J Lee, Reardon and Co.

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Beautiful Biddeford Pool, Maine (with a bit of Kennebunkport thrown in, for good measure)
It wasn't just a triathlon...It was the MAINIAC!
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Thanks to all of our athletes and volunteers.  We had nine years of fun races, but the last athlete has left transition for the final time.  We regret that the Mainiac Sprint Triathlon and Duathlon will not be back.  2016 was our final edition.  The race brought a lot of new athletes into the sport of triathlon, baptizing them in the North Atlantic and giving them a thirst for the sport.  We saw some amazing performances over the years.  We were also blessed with truly AMAZING volunteers.  Thanks to all of you and best of luck with your 2017 race season!
About Us:

The Mainiac Triathlon was founded by the Kennebunk Beach Triathlon Club (KBTC) in 2008.

The Kennebunk Beach Triathlon Club was first conceived by a small group of local triathlon enthusiasts in 2006 who would train together on Thursday nights at Kennebunk Beach, enjoyed and valued the camaraderie and desired a common identity for recognition at race events. From this, the club was formally established in the spring of 2007. We're open to all, regardless of ability as we're made up of accomplished triathletes, those new to the sport anxious to learn and excel in their own right, and everything in-between. Your participation will be welcomed.
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