"They took us from #92 to #5 in a little under three months. Now that's what I call performance!

-J Lee, Reardon and Co.

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400 yard ocean swim
15.1 mile bike
3.1 mile run

Two or three person teams
Same triathlon course
Divide up the legs as you want

2 mile out and back beach run
(on hard packed sand)
15.1 mile bike
3.1 mile run

Sprint Triathlon
Triathlon Relay
Sprint Duathlon
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Beautiful Biddeford Pool, Maine (with a bit of Kennebunkport thrown in, for good measure)

It's not just a triathlon...It's the MAINIAC!
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Thanks to all of our awesome volunteers and our intrepid athletes for what will be the most memorable Mainiac Triathlon and Duathlon ever!  We are sorry that we had to cancel the swim, but the 6-8 swells would have been unsafe for too many of the swimmers.  The rain and wind created extra challenges on the bike (and the run for some) but everyone persevered and it was a great day.