How to get to our race site and parking areas:
Mainiac Venue Location
First, let us warn you that though we have one of the most beautiful race venues in the country,
we do have limited parking for our athletes and our spectators near transition.  Because of this
we ask spectators to give up the best (closet) parking spots to the athletes with equipment to
worry about.

Parking has changed somewhat for 2011.  Below are two maps that overview and detail parking.
We ask athletes to car pool whenever possible and if you are coming with spectators then have
them drop you and your equipment off at our drop-off location outside transition.  Then follow
the instructions of our parking volunteers.  The map below also shows you where the drop off
location (yellow) is.
If you have a GPS then input the approximate

1 Gilbert Pl., Biddeford Pool, ME
Spectators -  This year we ask spectators to park at the University of New England (UNE) and
to ride the shuttle bus over to the race venue area.  Just pull into the main campus on Hills
Beach Road, and then look for our volunteer parking attendants and they will direct you to the
parking area and let you know where the shuttle bus will pick you up.

Athletes -  Below are the details of parking for athletes near the race transition area.