Want to help the Y make this event a resounding success and have a great time
cheering on the athletes?  It takes dozens of great folks to support a race like
this from manning sections of the bike or run course, providing water safety
resources, assisting the timers to seeing that the athletes are nourished and
hydrated following their race.
Take a few hours at a spectacular location and witness the efforts of these
committed participants. Most of all, help the Northern York County YMCA
continue providing the recreational, fitness and community outreach programs
that our area depends upon.
Not sure what you want or can do? We'll help. Please contact
Michelle Sawyer
for more information or simply fill out the form below and submit. You'll get a cool
t-shirt too!!!

Click Here - to access the USAT Volunteer Waiver form.  each volunteer will
need to complete and sign this form.
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